Veterans’ Meeting 

The Veteran’s support group met at Suomi Kerho on November 9th .  Seppo Hurme, President, opened the meeting with Pauli Majamaki serving as Secretary pro tem. Several Veterans were in attendance along with one Lotta, Elma Maisac,  and her son.  A topic of discussion at the meeting was the possibility of a joint Finnish event featuring the military orchestra that performed at Finnfest 2011.  They would like to come out to Los Angeles in November 2012.

Following lunch the members watched Härmästä Poikia Kymmenen, director Ilmari Unho’s 1950 film with Tauno Palo in the starring role. The film deals with 1860 West Pohjanmaa themes.

Finnish Church’s 94th Birthday

The congregation gathered in the afternoon of November 13th at the Finnish Lutheran Church to partake in the celebration with worship and music.  Michael Armstrong played the organ, Wesley Radlein played violin, and there was a special presentation with bells.


Patti Lamb on the kantele is always a special treat.

All enjoyed the refreshments that included salmon soup.

FACC Pikku Joulu


The warm glow of a traditional Finnish Christmas greeted members of the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce last Sunday afternoon.  Winter presented itself here in Los Angeles –not by a snow storm, but by a brutal windstorm causing power outages from downed trees and branches. 

The sounds of Finnish Christmas carols welcomed guests who gathered around the piano, glogg cups in hand, for a sing along.  Michael Armstrong performed as pianist.  The traditional buffet included lanttulaatikko, porkkanalaattikko, imelytettyperunalaatikko, rosolli, and salads, as well as, a whole poached salmon and home smoked trout.  A Finnish meat pie was personalized with the F.A.C.C. initials.  Luumukiisseli and riisipuuro were accompanied by joulu torttu and traditional cookies.

Independence Day-Helsinki


The most romantic Independence Day news ever:  On Independence Day, before proceeding on their way to the Presidents Palace for the Gala, long time Los Angeles resident and former FACC Board member, the renowned doctor Pertti Rintahaka and his beautiful Diana became engaged!

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