Her Excellency Ambassador Ritva Koukku-Ronde praised the foundation’s work and achievements throughout the years.


It was a memorable evening. The food and setting were sensational. Can’t forget the beautiful flower centerpieces, classy program books and the delightful entertainers. Outgoing President Anita Smiley begun the celebration with a light yet meaningful introduction, Marvin Suomi emceed the evening with style and grace, and Finland’s most beautiful woman, Armi Kussela, adorned the occasion like an angel dressed in celestial blue.

Judy Gervais (the Columbia-Pacific Chapter) enchanted the crowd with her contagious smile.

Of course we can’t forget the presenters: such beautiful human beings sharing their hearts and minds in such a joyous occasion. I felt privileged to hear their stories.

Her Excellency Ambassador Ritva Koukku-Ronde showed much appreciation for the work of the foundation

Her Excellency Ambassador Ritva Koukku-Ronde praised the foundation’s work and its achievements throughout the years.

I loved being part of the event. The glow of the event will be on my mind for a long time—and yours as well, I am sure.

Thanks for inviting Finntimes, and to all involved for combining your unique talents, and hard work to contribute to such a beautiful event.

Singer Eino Grön and his beautiful wife

These are only a portion of the pictures taken.  All other pictures were commissioned by Finnish magazine Suomen Silta/Finland Bridge to highlight a cover story that will be published in the near future.

Please help us by naming each person as a ‘comment’ on each picture so that we don’t miss anyone.




About Finlandia Foundation:

Finlandia Foundation’s Mission

To sustain both Finnish-American culture in the United States and the ancestral tie with Finland by raising funds for grants and scholarships, initiating innovative national programs and networking with local chapters.

What Finlandia Foundation Does

As the number of first and second generation Finnish-American immigrants begins to dwindle, it becomes increasingly important to keep Finnish-Americans and their local chapter organizations across the country connected, inspired and committed to maintaining an awareness of their unique and vibrant culture and heritage.
Finlandia Foundation National raises funds to strengthen its endowment and ensure the continuation of its programs. The Performer of the Year and the Lecturer of the Year programs focus attention on the outstanding musical and academic contributions of the Finnish-American community. The winners of these two annual and national competitions travel and perform at Chapter organizations throughout the United States. Finlandia Foundation National also provides scholarships to students with a multitude of unique ties to the Finnish culture. Finally, Finlandia Foundation National makes more than 50 grants each year providing critical and all too rare funding for individuals pursuing the artistic, musical and cultural traditions that represent the heritage of Finland and the diverse interests of Finnish-America. These programs, not offered by any other organization in the United States today, are what make the strengthening of the Finlandia Foundation National organization so compelling.
Finnish heritage and Finnish-American traditions and culture are too rich and too valuable to be lost. By building a solid network of chapters throughout the United States and increasing the number and amount of grants and scholarship for Finnish-American individuals and programs, Finlandia Foundation National will continue to inspire and strengthen the Finnish-American community of the United States for years to come.
Finlandia Foundation National, a California non-profit organization, is governed by a Board of Trustees. Independent Finlandia Foundation National Chapters coast to coast are charted to use the Finlandia Foundation National’s name and logo and operate in support of the Foundation’s Mission.
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