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Tomi Hinkkanen was born in Turku, Finland. He first came to the U.S. at the age of 19 to study film in 1982. Tomi graduated from Columbia College Hollywood with a B.A. in Cinema in 1987. He returned to Finland and started his own video production company, Telerama, which specialized in making promotional videos for various companies and organizations. Tomi also started to work for a local Turku radio station, Radio Sata, as a reporter and D.J. He was then hired by MTV3, a national TV network, as a domestic on-air reporter. He first reported from Turku, moving later to Helsinki and continuing in the same capacity. In 1994 Hinkkanen returned to Los Angeles and became a freelance journalist. He has been writing print, radio and TV stories from Los Angeles ever since. Tomi’s stories have been published by most major news outlets in Finland, including MTV3, Radio Nova, YLE, Ilta-Sanomat, Finland Bridge magazine, as well as several other magazines and regional newspapers. Lately he has returned to his original passion, making movies. Tomi wrote, directed and co-produced a low budget horror film ‘Creature of Habit’ together with Jonny Kahleyn. He has also expanded his understanding about acting by studying and performing at Theatre Group Studio, a method acting company in Los Angeles under director Lorinne Vozoff.




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