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AROUND LA WITH AVA®:  HILLS, VALLEYS, & CLEAVAGE Heights, Achievements, and Awards—LA Has What the World Wants There is something about California that brings the dreamers and the overachievers [sometimes even underachievers who get lucky] to pursue their schemes, to showcase their personae and products, and to defy the STAR odds in amazing and surprising […]

AROUND LA WITH AVA®: Saying Goodbyes

AROUND LA WITH AVA®: Saying Goodbyes Candles From Above Sometimes saying goodbye comes with a ‘wink from above’. About a year and a half ago, I wrote a column entitled Pennies From Heaven to describe a phenomenon my father and I experienced when my dear mother passed away. Then, shiny new pennies suddenly began appearing […]

AROUND LA WITH AVA®: Hail and Farewell

FINNISH INDEPENDENCE 6 December 1917 ARI J. ANTTILA 1925-2014 This column is dedicated to the memory of my dear Veteran father, Ari Anttila. He heard me give this speech at the 95th Independence Day Gala. Independence Day Gala 2012 Speech by Ava Anttila: Welcome everyone (Tervetuloa kaikille) Thank you for being here!! As we begin […]

AROUND LA WITH AVA®: Finnish Root Touch Up

AROUND LA WITH AVA®: Finnish Root Touch Up November signals the start of the Holiday Season.  Are you ready? Now is the time to take inventory, make lists, set up calendars, plan events, figure out where the appropriate decorations were stored last year, and do the necessary ‘touch-ups’ so our homes, offices, and we, ourselves, […]


The Unrelenting Heat In Finland and in much of the rest of America, Fall has arrived. There is a snap in the air. Take a deep breath and the crisp ozone fills your head—it puts a bounce in your step and sends you out looking for properly colored Pom Poms to take to a football […]

AROUND LA WITH AVA®: Let Them Eat Cake

AROUND LA WITH AVA®: Let Them Eat Cake Happily, life and its stages involve celebrations.  Virtually all cultures celebrate with a cake of some kind.  Each of us has childhood memories of cakes as part of celebrations that can bring a smile on reflection.  Cakes mark a passage of time, a milestone in life, a […]

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