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The Unrelenting Heat In Finland and in much of the rest of America, Fall has arrived. There is a snap in the air. Take a deep breath and the crisp ozone fills your head—it puts a bounce in your step and sends you out looking for properly colored Pom Poms to take to a football […]

AROUND LA WITH AVA®: Let Them Eat Cake

AROUND LA WITH AVA®: Let Them Eat Cake Happily, life and its stages involve celebrations.  Virtually all cultures celebrate with a cake of some kind.  Each of us has childhood memories of cakes as part of celebrations that can bring a smile on reflection.  Cakes mark a passage of time, a milestone in life, a […]

AROUND LA WITH AVA®: Manors and Manners

AROUND LA WITH AVA®: Manors and Manners Most little girls go through their ‘Princess’ stage; pretending they live in a castle where everything is just as it should be. Finnish Manors There are lovely historic old Manor Houses in Finland –mostly in the southern areas.  The logic of location by population concentration is amplified by […]


AROUND LA WITH AVA®: Flower Power Coachella Bound The road trip to the Concert venue was complete with psychedelic vans, “magic buses”, cars with signs, RVs side-by-side with stretch limousines –all caravanning out toward the desert for the Easter weekend session of the Coachella Music Festival.  It was like Berkeley and the days of Woodstock, […]


AROUND LA WITH AVA®: CREATIVITY The creative process is fascinating. Who knows when and how that moment of vision clarity will trigger an avalanche of inspiration that translates into greatness and the sublime satisfaction of an idea fully, properly developed. Is it a single vision, or is it a glimpse that launches a domino effect? […]

AROUND LA WITH AVA®: And All That Jamzz

A Quiz: What took place in Los Angeles on the recent three day Valentine’s/President’s Day weekend? The government shut down the  405 Freeway for 3 nights of construction naming the project Jamzilla. The University of Southern California Marching Band led a parade to a Downtown LA construction site to celebrate a concrete pour. The LA […]

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