Migrationsinstitutet – The Migration Institute of Finland to archive all content from finntimes.com


On my recent trip to FinnFest in Detroit, Michigan, I met the director of Migration Institute of Finland, Tuomas Martikainen. I expressed him my wish to archive the pages of Finntimes.com, because they contain lots of stories about Finnish-American people and events.

Well, today I got an email from the institute and I’m pleased to inform, that pages of Finntimes.com will be preserved for posterity by the Migration Institute of Finland!

Migration Institute of Finland in Turku

I want to thank all of you, who have participated in our little website, whether as readers, contributors, or interview subjects and the institute for including us. I especially want to thank Ava Anttila, who has been writing several columns about the local goings on in her column Around L.A. with Ava.

Thank you!

Tomi Hinkkanen